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Our Fota Island Fitness personal trainers realise that each person is an individual, which is why we adapt our coaching and training plans to your specific body and your main goals, along with your exercise expertise. Whether you’re starting anew, coming back from injury or training for a specific event, our team of qualified and experienced personal trainers are ready to help you achieve your personal goal.

We thrive on seeing our clients achieve their goals. All we need is your ambition and williness to change, the rest is our job.

Your personal trainer will be with you every step of the way to push you and ensure that you enjoy reaching your full fitness potential making you feel good inside and out!


Plan your new regime & reach your personal fitness goals with a dedicated member of the Fota Fitness Team. Training also includes nuturional advice. Choose 6 x 60 minute or 8 x 45 minute sessions.


 Train with your friend, motivate each other and just have fun together! Choose a schedule that will best suit your daily routine. 


Interested in the benefits and personal attention from a trainer but need another source of motivation? We have the answer for you! Our Shared Training programme lets you choose your type of session pairing you with someone of the same stamina to train with.

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