Electric Vehicle Charging

Fota Island Resort is committed to sustainability with our new EV charging facilities, featuring 12 new charging sockets and a dual 180 kW socket, available 24/7 in association with ePower. Enjoy the convenience of eco-friendly travel while supporting our green initiatives. Recharge your vehicle and yourself in the luxurious surroundings of our five-star resort, knowing you’re contributing to a sustainable future.

How to use: 

Download the ePower App here for Apple users or here for Android user. 

Sign up to the ePower app and add a payment method to your account (Once off only) 

Select the charger from the app’s map 

Select available connector from the app 

Plug your car into the corresponding socket  

Press 'Start Charging' in the app and confirm  

To end the charge, press 'Stop Charging' in the ePower app 

Support contact details: 

Electric vehicle chargers are operated by ePower who provide 24/7 EV charger support. If you require assistance at any point, call 01 2454117. For more information on our services visit www.epower.ie.

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