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The TrackMan Experience


Ronan Collins PGA Professional

We are delighted to welcome Ronan Collins to Fota Island Golf Club ias our new PGA Professional. He is fully trained on The Trackman Experience with years of experience in fine tuning and tailoring golfers needs when it comes to finding out exactly what they need. This includes clubhead speed, yardages and ball impact angles. Not only do you get the technical side of things but it is also an enjoyable experience that will give you that hunger back for the game. 


The most up to date testing and fitting system, TrackMan monitors club head speed, swing speed and angle, ball speed and backspin rates to deliver a truly tailored assessment, allowing the Golf Academy team to take all the relevant information and give every player specific areas of their game to work on, as well as recommending the clubs that will best match their own unique requirements.

From TrackMan’s ground-breaking club and ball tracking golf radar systems to the best performance enhancing software available in the industry today, the test centres at Fota Island Golf Academy allow the team to highlight certain areas of any game and practice them under game-like conditions. Whether it’s fixing weaknesses or improving strengths, Fota Island Academy covers all bases and could be the key to unleashing new levels of talent.

Contact Details

For further information, please contact the Pro Shop at Fota Island Golf Club on: