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fota wildlife park

Fota Wildlife Park is one of Ireland's top ten visitor attractions and a perfect place to visit for people of all ages.

Fota Wildlife Park is one of Ireland's top ten visitor attractions and a perfect place to visit for people of all ages. Fota Wildlife Park is not like an ordinary zoo. Wherever possible the park  have chosen animals that thrive in a free-range environment, which allows them to roam free, while mixed with other species and with us human visitors! These species are also able to adjust to the Irish Climate.

The animals themselves make the choice of seeking shelter when necessary. In some cases, for example the giraffes, only a barrier separates visitors from the animals but this is always unobtrusive and does not reduce the animals' quality of life.

Located in close proximity to our 5 star Cork hotel, Fota Wildlife Park has now opened the first Cheetah Run in Ireland. This device makes the cheetahs work for their food by suspending it on a wire that travels 10 feet off the ground, at approximately 65km/h. Cheetahs by their very nature, will not work for their food if they do not have to. So in an effort to exercise them, and as part of their enrichment program, Fota Wildlife Park have installed this device. You can see the cheetahs being fed in their new run daily at 3pm.



Please note all visitors to Fota Wildlife Park must pre-book time slots in advance.

For guest availing of the concessiong slip (discount entry):

  1. Visit
  2. Select Book Now
  3. Selet Your Date
  4. Select Your Time
  5. Select Your Ticket Type - Public Day Ticket 
  6. Scroll to the end of the list "Pre Paid Ticket"
  7. Select + to add the amount of guests visiting the park 
  8. Enter Discount Code in the box provided "FOT002"

Please note: Guests need to ensure to collect a concession slip at Concierge at the hotel prior to arriving to Fota Wildlife Park. Payment for tickets will need to made on entry to Fota Wildlife Park.



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