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Romance, Love and Dreams Come True at Fota Island Resort Cork

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

A day for romantics everywhere – it shall be soon Valentine’s Day and all over the world expressions of love and romance shall be shared in chocolate, candy, flowers, cards, gifts and loving gestures big and small.

A special day that over the years has become more than the sending of anonymous cards, heart shaped chocolates and red roses, Valentine’s Day has become instead a popular day for popping the big question of marriage. Whether the question is put simply in words whilst on bended knees, written in a card or asked live on local radio, there is no question that there is something extra special and romantic about a Valentine’s proposal.

Old romantic souls ourselves, here at the Fota Island Resort Hotel Cork would like to hear all about your proposals and ideas for your big day and invite all couples choosing this most romantic of days to get engaged to join us at our wonderful Wedding Showcase taking place on Sunday 24th February.

An ideal opportunity for nearly-weds to view our idyllic wedding venue in Cork that’s nestled at the heart of a beautiful and serene island just 8 miles from the bustling city centre. The Fota Island Wedding Showcase is an invaluable resource for those tying the knot presenting every possibly service and suggestion from the finest photographers, stationers, wedding planners, jewellers, department stores, travel agents, musicians, makeup artists, bridal wear specialists, hair stylist, cake makers and much more!

Taking place here from 12 noon – 5pm, why not before you visit us on Sunday 24th February view our fabulous new Wedding Packages, which outlines options for menus, drinks and canapés for your big day.

My Irish Adventure – Part 2

Monday, February 13th, 2012

This is just the beginning!

So… I have lived in Ireland for a month now. Time really flies when everything is new and exciting! The first two weeks I lived in Bandon and attended a language course at a local school. Coming from Finland the town seemed pretty small but it was charming and there were beautiful churches we visited.

I remember wishing that the first two weeks would go by fast and I just wanted to get started with the internship. Then as the first week went by and I got to know everyone I really didn’t want the week to end. After the course we all went to our seperate ways. That’s when I moved to Fota Island Resort. I’m living in one of the beautiful and luxurious golf-lodges near the 5 Star Cork hotel. I feel very,very lucky and I can highly recommend these luxury self catering lodges to everyone! Being away from my fiance and living by myself has made me appreciate our life together even more. Cork and the hotel area gets more familiar everyday. I’m enjoying my time here and it’s great to learn something new everyday. I’m meeting great new people and one thing is for sure… There’s no better feeling then when a house starts to feel like a home!

Before the language course ended we did a daytrip to Ring of Kerry. The plan was to eat our lunch outside, take some pictures and enjoy the nature. It was a little disapointing when it was bucketing down but the rain didn’t stop us from enjoying the day. We visited many amazing places and beautiful towns along the way. One was the Torc Waterfall. It felt like I was in a rainforest surrounded by the huge trees and the green plants. At the same time I kind of felt like a soaked dog with the water running down my face. Never the less the place was worth seeing!

Video clip of the Torc Waterfall

Our trip continued from the waterfalls to Mucross Park and House. We wandered around the gardens and even the rain started to ease off. (I know I’m going on about the rain again but I’m still not quite used to it as the normal Finnish winter is a bit more colder.. :) ) I heard that in the summertime you can take a ride in Killarney’s famous jaunting cars. Well maybe I just have to return for the summer!

The highlight of the trip was the last stop at the Ross Castle. Just when we arrived the sun started to set. I was totally frozen at this point but it really was one of the most amazing views I’ve ever seen.

There’s so many places to see and som much things to do that it’s starting to feel like I’m running out of time! This weekend I stayed closer to home and visited the Blarney Castle and the The Blarney Stone will be the only thing I’ll be kissing this Valentine’s Day! I wish you all have a great Valentine’s Day and remember to give a big kiss to the one you love! (Last minutes tip for those of you who still haven’t found the perfect Valentine’s Day gift! Fota Island Resort is offering a Valentine’s Day Romance Special. An overnight stay in a luxury hotel with your special someone..Sounds pretty good to me!

Next weekend I’m going to Dublin to celebrate my birthday! Hope I don’t get lost in the big city.. If you know a place that I must see when I’m there let me know on Facebook! This really is just the beginning of my adventure in Ireland!

I’ll be writing to you again next week. One year older and wiser.. Well at least a girl can hope.. Right? :)


All You Need Is Love…

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Tervehdys Readers!

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Jatta and I’m the latest intern to join the Fota Island Resort family. For the next nine weeks I will be working as a trainee in the marketing department. I will be blogging to you once a week about my life here in Ireland and about all the exciting things that are happening at the moment at the Fota Island Resort, the luxury spa hotel in Ireland.  Three weeks ago I left the snowy winter wonderland Finland behind and arrived to charming and surprisingly green Ireland. People have been really warm and welcoming but the weather is something I have to get used to.. I’ve started to carry my umbrella and my sunglasses with me! :)

If Lady Luck won’t be on your side this time and you still wish to enjoy a memorable evening with your loved one There is a lot going on in February but one thing is for sure, LOVE is in the air at Fota Island Resort. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and many of us are still wondering what is the perfect way to express your love to that special someone. I think that sometimes the perfect gift is to give time away from your daily routines. So remember to enter our Valentine’s Competition where you can win an amazing price! The closing date for entries is thisWednesday the 8th of February so hurry, hurry!

The Breakthrough Cancer Research will host the Valentine’s Ball at Fota Island Resort on the 11th of Feb. I heard that last years Ball raised a staggering €40,000! You can enjoy a great night and support a good cause at the same time. If you want your magical evening to continue don’t let it end just yet.. As always you can make reservations for accommodation from 021 488 3700 for the night to remember.

Not to scare off the male readers out there, but if your Valentine’s day goes really well you might want to join us for the 2012 Wedding Showcase! Everybody around me is telling me that this has always been one of the top-events of the year. I’m just looking forward to seeing all the decorations and seminars and getting my hands to the desserts they are serving! It would also be great to hear from the brides to be, their plans and dreams for their big day. Contact us if you want to join us for this day of beauty, fashion and wedding dreams and make sure you won’t miss out this fun day! Wedding showcase gives you a head start to your wedding plans and finding the perfect wedding venues in Cork, so when the big day comes you can just enjoy the day relaxed and happy. Like this bride who really became the centre of attention after this funny meltdown at the aisle.

I’ll keep you posted on how I’m settling in and how the events go! Wish you all have a great week! Keep up to date with all the latest blog entries, competitions, news and events on our Facebook page and by following us onTwitter!